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Tarifs et disponibilités des billets constatés il y a moins de 72 heures à partir des données fournies par nos partenaires.

Second-hand train tickets Chartres to Paris

Second-hand train tickets can be purchased and resold on KelBillet website. In most cases, travelers sell their non-exchangeable or non-refundable train tickets that they can no longer use. With second-hand train tickets resold on KelBillet, you can find cheap train tickets and make useful savings to travel from Chartres to Paris. You can buy your train ticket directly from KelBillet members (maximum price is mentioned on the train ticket).

No train ticket from Chartres to Paris is currently offered for sale.

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Regular travelers from Chartres to Paris subscribed on KelBillet in order to find cheap tickets to travel by train or TGV! Thanks to French Prem’s tickets resold by these travelers, you can travel when a train mentioned "complete" or when prices become too expensive!

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Transport operators from Chartres to Paris

The following table lists the various transport operators serving the route Chartres to Paris.

  Departure Arrival
Tictactrip Chartres Paris
KelBillet Chartres Paris Austerlitz
Voyages-sncf-2 Chartres Paris Austerlitz Chartres Paris Austerlitz

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To book Chartres to Paris train ticket,you can visit Voyages SNCF website to make your reservation or find on KelBillet a cheap train ticket sold by another traveler. KelBillet can help you find cheap train tickets from Chartres to Paris! To find these cheap second-hand tickets you can use our search engine. Follow this link to find cheap tickets > Find train tickets.

Train journey Chartres to Paris

A lot of trains travel day to day Chartres to Paris joining the departments of Paris to out of France. They serve the train stations Versailles (78). It is a good deal to go by train cheaper to Paris, notably with the cost raising in recent months. For further details on SNCF Chartres Paris fares, you can consult the website of or go to an SNCF train station.

Chartres to Paris time : 1h10min. (average time observed)

Chartres to Paris SNCF train Prices

To simplify the reading of SNCF prices train tickets from Chartres to Paris, we studied the different prices depending on the class and type of SNCF tickets. For instance, with Prem’s tickets, you pay less when you book early. To take advantage of these cheap train tickets Chartres to Paris you must book in advance. The earlier you book the greater the value for money ! To buy train tickets at the lowest fares you have to understand SNCF prices. If you want to find cheapest train tickets from Chartres to Paris, you can create an alert and receive by email the best price found on KelBillet.

Discount train tickets from Chartres to Paris

Looking for travel at the lowest fares? Many railcards and reductions are available to pay your Chartres Paris SNCF train ticket cheapest: special fares for daily and frequent travelers (Fréquence pass...), railcards for all ages (Enfant + railcard, 12-25 railcard, week-end railcard, senior railcard) or by status (large family, military, ...). Most of these railcards are paid in order to receive better discounts. But is it really attractive for traveling from Chartres to Paris? On your calculator, taking into account:

  • A = the railcard cost (i.e. :69 euros)
  • B = average discount offered by the railcard (i.e.: 30%)
  • C = average price for a Chartres Paris return ticket (i.e: 50 euros)

First, divide A by B and multiply by 100: this will give you the budget from which the card will be amortized. Then divide that number by C. The result is the minimum number of trips that you will do to cushion the railcard.
In our example, A x B = 69/30 x 100 = 230 euros. Then, 230/50 = 4.6. It takes at least 4.6 trips from Chartres to Paris round trip (or 5-ways) for the purchase of the sncf railcard could be interesting !

And if you change?

Other companies also offer to carry passengers on this trip:

  • Tictactrip, which connects Chartres to Paris
  • KelBillet, which connects Chartres to Paris Austerlitz
  • Voyages-sncf-2, which connects Chartres to Paris Austerlitz
  •, which connects Chartres to Paris Austerlitz

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